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Politics, the pandemic, sports and the weather seem to lead the news and be the most common topics for conversation these days. On each subject, news broadcasts do their best to exploit the emotions of fear and/or anger to excite and hook their viewers and readers, which enables them to sell more advertising.

Viewers reform that fear or anger into opinions they carry into conversations that can suddenly die when the opposing opinion is voiced. Yes, I’ve even seen it happen when discussing the weather! One person’s rain can be another person’s sunshine.

Sonetree.com offers alternatives for discussions that are, hopefully, uplifting, inspiring and aspirational.

Sonetree.com provides the only daily updated resource center that highlights impactful innovations that improve our lives and inspire us on to further innovation. These latest innovations are from these fields of human endeavor: business, science, technology, health & medicine, arts entertainment and leisure – everything except politics.

It also includes an education resource center with applications you might use in your personal, professional or business life:

  • A small business owner might find information that enables him/her tweak a marketing campaign or manufacturing process.
  • A scientist or researcher might encounter an experiment that stimulates reformation of a project that seems to have hit a wall, or even reach out for collaboration.
  • A student or a teacher might discover subject matter to research for a term paper.
  • An unemployed individual might read of a company’s innovation, identify an opportunity that matches his/her skill set, and approach the company for potential employment.
  • An investor might find the next Amazon, Apple or Tesla.

Sonetree.com is about innovations that lead to improvements in as many aspects of life as possible, which inspires more innovation.

The Sonetree.com homepage features hyperlinked titles of the most recent noteworthy innovations in the aforementioned categories. These links take you to a second page summary where you can decide whether to dive deeper into the subject matter via corporate or institutionally posted documentation, webinars or podcasts.

Our goal is to focus on innovations that inspire us to create a more positive world, inspire fulfilling and enlightening interactions and hopefully lead to even greater impactful innovations.

We hope you find Sonetree.com enriching and, if so, share it with those you think might would enjoy it, too.

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