SIGGRAPH Opens Utopic Vision of the Future

Siggraph - Getty

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SIGGRAPH is billed as a computer graphics and animation conference for techies, industry insiders, and a few interdisciplinary, outlying artists. But squeezed in amongst the rigging demos and VR experiences are real opportunities for advancements in programming and outreach for galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMs). As representatives of the museum sector and digital art history, we went to SIGGRAPH to find them.

From an art gallery comprised entirely of Latin American works to a Kinect camera rigged to archive dance moves for 3D archival printing, SIGGRAPH showcased a digital future that felt both inclusive and expansive. Throughout the conference, little—and big—disruptions in the status quo of arts, entertainment, and cultural heritage offered glimpses of GLAMs’ digital future. From a call for wider representation exhibitions to virtual reality experiences that put you in the middle of a painful coming-out, SIGGRAPH presented a technologically advanced, often utopic vision of the future.